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1. What kind of electronic devices do we repair?

At STS we repair any Samsung telephone or tablet model, be it still within the producer’s guarantee period or already in post-guarantee period.

How long does the repair take?

At the STS reception, in over 90% of the cases, the repair itself takes a maximum of one hour. When the repairs are more complex, our specialist establishes an estimated repair time, based on the diagnosis result.

3. Are there any guarantees offered for the repairs?

Absolutely. All of the repairs carried out by STS have a 3 month workmanship guarantee and a 6 month spare parts guarantee. The repair guarantee is independent from the producer’s guarantee and the two are concurrently valid.

4. What documents do I need for repairs within the guarantee period?

For repairs within the guarantee period, you need to bring the purchase invoice and the guarantee certificate. For post-guarantee repairs, you only need documents if the product had a prior repair intervention at STS.

What parts do we use for repairs?

STS is a Samsung authorized repair service, so we only use original parts. After the repair, the configuration of the device will be identical to the original factory settings.

6. Can I send the phone or the tablet, without personally coming to the repair service?

Of course you can. Through the Collection – Repair – Return service, you can send the faulty device to the STS Service and it will be returned to you, after it is repaired. By calling +41 (0)91 220 61 52, you can talk to one of our operators, and together you can set out the details. The transport service is ensured by the prestigious company Swiss Post.